T H O M   S C O T T
S   T   U   D   I   O
About the Artist

hom lives on the South Coast of Massachusetts in the town of Westport with his wife Michelle and their two children Aidan and Zoe.

After studying Graphic Design he worked for several woodworking firms doing a wide variety of work before branching out on his own with Michelle back in 1994. Together they used their living spaces as a cauldron for unique design ideas, first with a condo in Walpole followed by a home in Medfield. They are currently remodeling their home in Westport, getting stuck with what to do with the Kitchen. As always, Michelle has more ideas than Thom has time for. Pictures will be posted when that happens.

Collaborations with the areas Interior designers and builders have made many memorable projects come to life and some great friends have been acquired along the way with everyone involved.

Other passions include building and playing guitars, importing woods from around the globe, spending time with his family, and of course having a laugh with anyone willing.

At the end of the Summer in August there is an open studio tour where the general public is welcome to vist during Saturday and Sunday. The tour includes a wide variety of artists from the South Coast. Hours and a map are available on the web site.


Completely re-designed home in Medfield
Leaf green door with Pergola entrance

Triple French Doorway with Round Windows

Deck off of Master Bedroom

Asian Inspired Gate made from Red Sucupira

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